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“I was completely new to the world of OTT platforms, but Streann University’s Introduction to OTT Platforms course made everything so clear and easy to understand. The instructors were fantastic and really took the time to explain everything in a way that made sense to me. I’m so glad I took this course, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about OTT platforms.”
Jim Smith
Founder, TechWiz
“I’ve been working in marketing for a few years now, but I was struggling to come up with effective marketing strategies for my company’s OTT platform. Streann University’s OTT Platform Marketing Strategies course gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to create successful marketing campaigns. I’ve already seen a significant increase in our platform’s viewership since implementing the strategies I learned in this course.”
Elizabeth Jones
Web Designer
“I’m a content creator, and I was looking for ways to expand my reach and audience. Streann University’s OTT Platform Content Development course taught me everything I needed to know about creating engaging and high-quality content for OTT platforms. I’m now able to produce content that is specifically tailored to OTT audiences, and I’m seeing a lot of success with it.”
Tom Reeves
VP of Design, GitHub
“I’m the owner of an OTT platform, and I was struggling to find ways to monetize my platform effectively. Streann University’s OTT Platform Monetization Strategies course gave me a variety of different monetization strategies to choose from. I’m now able to generate a steady stream of revenue from my platform, and I’m confident that I can continue to grow my business in the years to come.”
Alexa Chase
Founder, Simply Design